Sladjana Cabrilo, PhD

New Normal & Business Viability: Redefining Pertinent Knowledge-Based Resources

In the post(?)-pandemic era, the ‘New Normal’ business environment has arisen from technological, socio-political, and institutional changes (Hitt et al., 2021; Ahlstrom et al., 2020). Growing complexity and ambiguity in companies’ operating environments, and large-scale changes, such as digitalization, open and crowdsourcing innovation, sustainability crisis, and increased remote and contingent working, call for new knowledge resources and new ways of utilizing them.

Thus, it may be necessary to update the understanding concerning not only the most essential knowledge resources, but also the way in which these resources are related with new relevant organizational capabilities such as resilience, agility, adaptive efficiency, structural flexibility, and environmental and social sustainability, among others.

This speech aims to provoke debate and shed light on the revised concept of knowledge resources and their performance effects in the digital and post-pandemic operating environment. It should inspire new thinking about relevant knowledge resources and encourage revised research models that can explain phenomena that mirror new normal business environment.

The speech deals with the following relevant issues:

  1. Business and technology trends that shape the new normal business environment;
  2. Redefining knowledge-based resources that contribute to organizational value-added process;
  3. New knowledge-based issues relevant to successfully navigate the new normal business environment.

Sladjana Cabrilo, PhD

D.Sc. Sladjana Cabrilo is a Professor at I-Shou University in Taiwan. She confirms that ‘interdisciplinary counts’ as she has a multidisciplinary background holding degrees in electrical engineering, technology, and industrial management from the University of Novi Sad (Serbia). She combines expertise in management/strategy, business, innovation, and advanced technology to deliver new insights, expand perspectives, and empower current and future business leaders to uncover opportunities and make decisions with conviction. Sladjana has an extensive experience of teaching university courses at the bachelor, master and doctoral level in Europe and Asia. Her major research areas focus on intellectual capital, knowledge management, innovation, and digital transformation. Her experience includes participation in scientific and industry-related projects, publishing more than 80 academic articles, conference papers, books and book chapters, holding lectures, keynote speeches and presentations worldwide. Some of these were held at the World Bank (Paris), the Global Forum (Washington DC, USA), the Austrian Development Bank (Vienna, Austria), the George Washington University (Washington DC, USA), National ChengChi University (Taipei, Taiwan), National Cheng Shiu University (Kaohsiung, Taiwan), and Roma Tre University (Rome, Italy). She is highly engaged in scientific and professional networks through editorial and reviewing work, and positions in editorial boards, program committees, research institutes and professional organizations around the world. Sladjana is a member of the New Club of Paris, which is the association of extraordinary scientists and “intellectual entrepreneurs”, and the agenda developer for the global knowledge economy.