Ognjen Pantelic, PHD

Application of Scenario Models to Support Appropriate Business Information Systems Training

The training level can directly contribute to more extensive utilization of business information systems and increase the organization’s productivity. Being more and more accepted by businesses, integrated software solutions have become today a standard for more effective economic operations. ERP systems offer reliable use and integration of a business system. Due to frequent unclear defining of the individuals’ tasks, authorizations, and roles, initial problems occur in information systems after their implementation. Balanced Scorecard is a strategic tool that considers the impact of intangible assets on the creation of value and evaluates nonfinancial key performance indicators to measure the company’s progress. The presentation aims to point out the effectiveness of the ERP training program.

Ognjen Pantelic, PhD

Dr. Ognjen Pantelic is an Associate professor at the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS), University of Belgrade (Serbia). He obtained his Ph.D. in 2012 from FOS with the thesis titled: Modeling of training in the field of integrated business solutions based on the workshop concept. Dr. Pantelic’s research interests include ERP systems, methodologies of information systems development, and ISiT management.

By focusing on business information systems, Ognjen has connected the faculty with leading IT companies in the country. Over the years, his strengths at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences have gained recognition for motivating students in the ERP systems and their successful employment in vendor companies. Ognjen may spend his days in companies where he is an IT consultant but is thrilled about coming to the faculty and working with students who get him up in the morning.

When he is not at university, Ognjen is an avid sportsman and loves to spend time on the court.