Zdravko Zupančič, PhD

The Fight for Attention

If the audience is not listening and not catching what we are saying, then any performance is meaningless.

In a relaxed performance, the lecturer will introduce the basic tools we can use to capture the audience’s attention: Readiness and the power of speech, speaking without filler words, the power of humour, a relaxed posture, gestures, eye contact, overcoming stage fright, wealth and poverty of computer presentations, the rhythm and pace of the performance while respecting the time frame, the use of different microphones, and the messages conveyed by the appearance of the speaker.

The lecturer will present short video essays and stage plays to enhance the presentation.

Zdravko Zupančič, PhD

Fellini creatded La Dolce Vita in 1960. That makes Zdravko Zupančič, PhD an elderly gentleman. With a more modern haircut. When the fun is over, Zdravko turns the party back up. Argumentation is a satire. It is not polite to act a decent speaker. HOMO RHETORICUS who has spent three decades speaking about public speaking. A rare breed with a breathtaking inspiration. He answers the questions of the public even before they are asked. You can also buy him. Available only in best stocked rhetoric store in Slovenia. He is employed at Zupančič School of Rhetoric as a word juggler. He speaks and performs all the time, because the audience has no time to read books. He kneads with irony bakes with cynicism and sprinkles with soothing paradoxes. He goes to television to untagle what others have tangled. Once you listen to one of his talks, you will be hearing things all the time. He empowers public speakers to be able to speak when the lambs go silent.